Kokerei Hansa

  • Adress

    Kokerei Hansa 
    Emscherallee 11
    44369 Dortmund

  • Opening hours

    April – October
    Di-So 10-18 Uhr

    November – March 
    Di-So 10-16 Uhr

    Closed on Mondays.
    If holidays are on a Monday, Hansa coking plant is additionally opened on this day!

  • Visit

    Hansa coking plant can be visited during tours. A partial area of the site is accessible without accompaniment during the info point’s above-mentioned opening hours.

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  • Association

    Hansa-Gesellschaft für Industriekultur e.V. 

    Emscherallee 11 
    44369 Dortmund 

Production. Pure black-white mindset.

The coking plant’s core focus was on the production of coke. Here, you differentiate between two production areas – the so-called black side and the white one. The black side takes its name from the dark dust that collected in this area. That’s because that is where the coke oven batteries previously ran at full speed, where coke was produced. The white side is where plants were located for the extraction of carbon recyclable materials and the preparation of coking gases. After 64 years of operating time, the shutdown took place on December 15, 1992. Since 1995, Hansa coking plant belongs to the Foundation for the Preservation of Industrial Monuments, thanks to which the plant with a size of 10.7 ha was protected against demolition.

Tours today. Visitors are amazed.

A fascinating sight over the Hansa coking plant’s site awaits visitors today. High towers stretch up towards the sky. Gigantic machines everywhere, steel dinosaurs of the industrial era. And right in the middle of this, nature seems to be coming to life again.

The coking plant can be experienced all year round during tours and individual visits as a walk-through huge sculpture.

Visitors have the opportunity to get to know production processes and former working conditions up close. That’s because they can gaze in wonder at one of the altogether five steam-driven gas piston compressors in the compressor hall in an exhibition workshop. But that’s by far not everything.

More offers. Learn and have fun.

The coking plant is also used as an extracurricular place of learning. The Hansa-Gesellschaft für Industriekultur e.V. supports district-related events and projects at the coking plant. It also forms the center of the Hansa District Huckarde, that interlinks places for leisure time and culture. On request, the Foundation for the Preservation of Industrial Monuments rents rooms like the compressor hall or large-scale spaces and organizes a wide variety of events there. Starting with events, to concerts through to ExtraSchicht. The climbing hall "Bergwerk" (mine) offers climbing fun for both big and small.

The coking plant is a popular tour destination and ...

... one of the 25 anchor points of the touristic route of industrial culture in the Ruhr region.

... Component of Emscher landscape park.
... Location of theme route industrial nature.

... Location of regional route Ruhr region of the European Route of Industrial Heritage (ERIH).

… Center of Hansa District Huckarde, that interlinks places for leisure time and culture.

… Focal point of redevelopment area Huckarde North

History. Interesting things from the past.

Since 1997, the coking plant has been entered in the list of monuments of the City of Dortmund. And on the plant’s birth certificate is the name Hellmuth von Stegmann und Stein (1892 – 1929). As construction director of Vereinigte Stahlwerke AG, the architect is considered as the father of Hansa coking plant. Von Stegmann und Stein clearly organized the plant’s buildings according to the production processes and followed a factual-functional architectural style. A style that casts a spell over countless visitors right up until today.


19 buildings

including coal mixing plant, coal tower, screening facility,
compressor hall, gas deep-freezing unit, benzene high-rise
(training workshop), union blasting house,
salt factory and salt warehouse, lab, workshop,
pithead bath and administration.

Construction period

Expansion: 1938–1941/1967–1968



Industrial monument

since 1998

Foundation location

since 1997


107.000 m² (10,7 ha)

Technical facilities/machines

4 oven batteries


5 gas piston compressors


1 inclined belt conveyor


1 bucket conveyor


2 gas exhausters


Restoration, redevelopment and construction measures


Installation of visitor paths
(incl. renovation of upper floor of sorting tower/
bucket elevator bridge/upper floor of coal tower)


Remodeling of main administration building


Security and maintenance measures


Illumination of adventure path "Hansa-Blue"


Renovation of compressor hall