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Tomson-Trestle with shaft hall Gneisenau mine, shaft 2

Year of construction

Dortmund-Derne, Gneisenauallee

The so-called Tomson-trestle refers to the Ruhr region’s oldest preserved headframe.
The shaft hall belonging to it with refurbished roof and walls was built as a representative brick building in historicism style.

Sterkrade mine, shaft 1

Year of construction

Oberhausen-Sterkrade, Von-Trotha-Straße

The filigree headframe over shaft I of Sterkrade mine in Oberhausen sublimely juts up towards the sky.
It was built in 1903 and is one of the very few preserved three-legged shaft towers in the Ruhr region.
The structure designed in half-timbered construction is connected with a shaft hall that was built as a massive, three-story brick building, reminiscent of the Malakow towers of the 19th century with its historical facade.
Inside of the shaft hall, you reach a pit bank via a steel staircase that still belongs to the original equipment.