Zeche Prosper

Continuous expansions. A new framework.

Those in charge continually expanded the plants. For example, a headframe in half-timbered construction was erected in 1896 on the stone-built shaft tower. In the period from 1933/34, it was replaced by a stand-alone headframe in solid wall construction that was no longer interlinked with the stonewalled shaft tower. In the years 1958/59, further improvement took place in the form of a second hoisting sheave platform.

Farewell in the 1970s. The backfilling.

Consolidation of the mines Prosper and Jacobi/Franz Haniel into the combined works Prosper-Haniel in 1974 marked the end of work at Prosper II. The persons in charge discontinued coal extraction. In 1987, pit 2 was backfilled.

At this time, Malakoff tower was already under monumental protection.

It was entered in the list of monuments in 1984. Three years later, the headframe was also included in the listed buildings of historical interest. Since 1988, the two buildings are protected as an architectural monument and since 2004, they belong to the inventory of the Foundation for the Preservation of Industrial Monuments, which succeeded in safeguarding the treasured industrial monument against demolition.

Wedding bells and alpinists. Use today.

A bride in white, a climber without any fear of heights and right in the middle, numerous visitors – today, Malakoff tower is a place filled with a wide variety of adventures. It offers a non-commercial climbing facility of the association Bottrop Sportbund, and also serves the City of Bottrop: Couples in love therefore have the opportunity to say the magic word yes in a civil marriage against a historical backdrop. Since 2014, the headframe has an observation platform, giving visitors a sensational view over the former coal region. That’s because during the Foundation for the Preservation of Industrial Monuments’ tours, people can climb up the headframe and tour the Malakoff tower. The structure with a height of 30 meters is maintained by the Historische Gesellschaft Bottrop e.V. The association has set up a place there for mining and migration history – and makes sure that the mine’s moving history stays in collective memory.


Malakoff tower


Construction period

1874/75 Malakoff tower
1933/34 Headframe
1958/59 Extension of scaffold

Discontinuation of production


Industrial monument

since 1988

Foundation location

since 2004


1.973 m²

Technical facilities/machines

1 Headframe

1933/34; Expansion 1958/59

Restoration, redevelopment and construction measures


Conversion of Malakoff tower
Refurbishment of roof and walls


Facade renovation (east side)


Erection of an observation platform