Zeche Monopol

  • Adress

    Zeche Monopol Schacht Grillo 1  
    Herbert-Wehner-Straße 2-3
    59174 Kamen  

  • Opening hours

    The industrial monument can only be accessed after consultation with the Foundation for the Preservation of Industrial Monuments and Historical Culture.

  • Tours

    A tour program is now being developed.

  • Association

    Monopol 2000 – Verein zur Förderung der Bergbau- und
    Industriekultur in der Stadt Kamen e.V.


Preserved up to today. The headframe and machine house over shaft 1.

The second half of the 1960s marked a key milestone in the history of the Monopol mine because at that time, shaft 1 was deepened. The persons in charge decided to convert to large wagon transport and built the conveyor systems that are still maintained today. Besides the headframe, a new hoisting machine building was created, too, whose electrical hoisting machine was one of the Monopol mine’s few systems that was able to survive.

Shutdown and new provision. Chilly times.

The operational startup of Neu-Monopol in Bergkamen initiated the shutdown of pit Grillo 1/2 in 1981. But shaft 1 stayed open and could take over a new function: it initially housed the central cooling system for the dismantling of Flöz Mausegatt and from 2002, it was used for central water retention for the Monopol coal field.

In the same year, it was entered in the city’s list of monuments.

In 2010, an era finally came to an end. Shaft 1 was backfilled and plant Grillo 1/2 was mainly abandoned. Since 2016, the site belongs to the Foundation for the Preservation of Industrial Monuments.

Cool plans for the future. An association gets involved.

The pit can look back on a moving history of the industrial era, and it still fascinates people today. This also holds true for members of the Monopol 2000 Association. It is presenting its fascination to the outside world and is planning to revitalize the site so rich in history with an array of projects. These include cultural events and concepts for extracurricular learning.

Technical facilities/machines

1 headframe


1 Electrical hoisting machine


Restoration, redevelopment and construction measures

Plans under way