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Here you can find current media releases on topics involving our foundation.

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Pressemitteilungen 2021

01.10.2021_Rückbau der Hängebank Zeche Consolidation Schacht 9 hat begonnen

27.09.2021_Neue kaufmännische Geschäftsführerin in der Industriedenkmalstiftung

09.09.2021_Maschinenhalle Zweckel: Historische Adlerskulptur kehrt zurück

28.07.2021_POJECT vino

20.07.2021_Kinderferienprogramm Kokerei Hansa

14.07.2021_PM_Welterbeprojekt_Ergebnis Abstimmungsprozess


Pressemitteilungen 2020

12.11.2020_Eigentumsübertragung Maschinenhalle Pattberg

10.11.2020_Abschluss Sanierung Zeche Sophia-Jacoba

20.05.2020_Serie Baumaßnahmen Kokerei Hansa_Teil 2_Salzlager und Salzfabrik

21.04.2020_Serie Baumaßnahmen Kokerei Hansa_Teil 1_Sortenturm

30.01.2020_Neujahrsempfang Gaestefuehrer Industriedenkmalstiftung

2019 media releases

Helicopter assistance with landscaping at the Koepchenwerk power plant: Pruning work near the pressure pipes from 20 to 23 March 2019

2018 media releases

Media information: Radbod colliery - tour guides needed (31 October 2018)

Media information: Pattberg colliery - tour guides needed (20 September 2018)

Media information: Koepchenwerk power plant - RWE logo (7 September 2018)

Media information: Schlägel & Eisen colliery - renovation (6 September 2018)

Media information: Recap of the Extraschicht festival (5 July 2018)

Media information: Extraschicht festival (25 June 2018)

Media photos

We would be happy to provide you with print-ready images for the locations under the stewardship of Stiftung Industriedenkmalpflege und Geschichtskultur. Just send us a brief  Email

Photography and filming permission

In general, the permission of Stiftung Industriedenkmalpflege is required for photo, film and television shoots of our industrial landmarks.

If you would like permission, please send us the completed application form in advance to .

The form is available for Download in pdf form here. 


Permission is applied for
Photography/filming to be performed by
Billing address
1. We intend to
2. Description of the project, including planned use
3. Shooting date
4. Contact person in charge on site / Number of people involved
5. Buildings/site locations planned for the shoot
6. Planned technical equipment, set
7. We intend to use the recorded material to the following extent
8. Other remarks