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Hansa Coking Plant
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The Hansa coking plant went into operation in 1928. It was one of 17 large-scale coking plants that were built in the course of extensive rationalisation measures in the heavy industry of the Ruhr area at the end of the 1920s. Large-scale coking plants replaced small plants which had become unprofitable. These were able to meet the immense demand for coke from steel mills for the production of pig iron. At peak periods up to 5,200 tons of coke per day were produced at Hansa which was, for a time, the largest coking plant in the Ruhr and the centre of an interated production process. It took coking coal from the neighbouring collieries, supplied coke to the nearby Dortmunder Streel Union steel mill, which on turn supplied blast-furnace gas for heating the coke-ovens. In turn the coking-plant delivered high-quality coke-oven gas for industrial and domestic use. Today the railway system, the gas pipelines and the pithead tower of the neighbouring Hansa colliery, which was shut down in 1980, bear witness to these connections.  
The architect Hellmuth von Stegmann und Stein, who died in 1929, arranged the buildings on the Hansa coking plant according to the production process and designed them in an objective, functional manner. Two different production areas stretch along two parallel roads within the plant. The „black side“ comprises the coke-producting plants, the heart of which is a 550 metre long row of coke ovens. The plants on the „white side“ were used for the recovery of by-products and for processing the coking gas. One of the particular attractions in this area is the engine house with ist huge steam-powered gas compressors dating back to the earliest years of the coking plant.  
Guided tours of the Hansa coking plant are available .  
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