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Schlägel & Eisen Colliery
The Schlägel & Eisen colliery in Herten dates back to 1873 when a company was set up to construct a colliery. In 1874 work started on sinking shaft number 1 in the suburb of Disteln, and work on shaft 2 began in 1890. Five years later shaft number 3 was sunk in the south-western part of the claim (in Langenbochum) and coal extraction began in 1897. When Schlägel & Eisen was merged with the Ewald colliery in 1990 to become an integrated mine, the main site for bringing coal to the surface was moved to Ewald. Only man-riding continued at Schlägel & Eisen.  
The engine house, in an historicist style also designed by Gellhorn, was built at the same time as the headgear. One half of the building was changed for use as a wash room in 1951. At the same time the historicist facade of the engine house was covered over to match the other surface installations from the 1920s and 30s. Inside the building there are still some remains of "art nouveau" stencil painting. The original architectural design can be detected in the round arch windows. The twin steam winding engine (1928) is a sign that the building was formerly used as an engine house.
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