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The Schlägel & Eisen colliery Shaft 3 and 4
The surface installations in the Schlägel & Eisen colliery have been almost completely preserved. The Foundation has taken over the headgear above shaft number 3 (1896/97) and its engine house with its winding engine have been listed as historical monuments.  
The headgear was designed by an engineer called Werner Gellhorn and is a special variation of the German strut frame gear. The headgear was originally intended for twin hoisting and possessed three struts. This early form of twin headgear was developed from two adjoining single headgear, two struts of which were merged into one. However the three-legged construction did not prove to be very strong and were soon replaced by two-legged versions.  
The headgear above shaft number 3 is of special importance because it is not only the oldest existing German strut frame in North-Rhine-Westfalia but also one of the last three-legged frames in the Ruhr area.
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