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Sterkrade Colliery
The Sterkrade colliery in Oberhausen was one of three coal mines put up by the Good Hope Mill in the 1890s. In 1897 work began on sinking shaft number1. It was originally intended as a ventilation shaft for the Osterfeld colliery and as a second vehicular exit for the Hugo-Haniel colliery. Since mining was impossible at the Hugo colliery because there was no access to coal seams, extraction began at Sterkrade in 1903. At the time the surface installations were also almost completed. These were followed by the buildig of a coal washery, an electric power station and a coking plant.  
The Osterfeld colliery took over the task of coal extraction from Sterkrade in 1933 after it had been extended to become a large-scale pit. Shaft number 1 was only used for ventilation, man-riding, material haulage and power production. The preparation plants and parts of the coking plant were demolished at this early time. The Lohberg and Osterfeld collieries were consolidated in 1989, and surface operations at the Sterkrade I/II pit ceased in the spring of 1994. Shaft number 1 was backfilled in the same year.
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