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The Sterkrade Colliery Shaft 1
The pithead frame above shaft number 1 and ist adjoining shaft house are both listed as protected monuments: today they act as a memento to the former Sterkrade colliery. The Foundation took over responsibility for this monument in 1997. A feasibility study now suggests that the building be used for sports and recreation, and the surrounding areas for residential purposes.  
The pithead frame (1903) is counted among the few remaining three-legged strut frames in the Ruhr area. Indeed it is one of the oldest existing German strut frames in Noth-Rhine-Westfalia (see: Schlägel & Eisen in Herten). It contained four adjacent head wheels, two of which still exist. The elegant framework construction is attached to a shaft house, constructed in 1903 as a solid three-story brick building. Its historicist facade recalls the Malakow towers of the 19th century. Inside the shaft house the pit bank can be reached via a steel staircase which is part of the original equipment.
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