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The Gneisenau Colliery Shaft 2/4 | Dortmund (suberb of Derne)
The Tomson head frame, a trestle construction on the site of the Gneisenau colliery, dates back to 1885/86 and is regarded by industrial historians as a gem. This monument, which has since been expensively restored, is the oldwest existing steel headgear in the Ruhr area. An engineer called Erdmann developed this type of frame in 1868 on the basis of an English trestle. The headgear was named after Gneisenau¥s general manager Eugen Tomson who propagated this type of construction all over the Ruhr area. Because of its extreme weight it was superseded by the German strut frame headgear after the First World War.  
The Gneisenau colliery, one of the biggest in Europe for a time, was the last but one colliery to be shut down in 1985. The Tomson headgear, the historicist shaft house with its tub circulation, the trestle construction above shaft number 4 (dating back to 1933) and both engine house have been preserved. The building have given this part of the city its own particular landmark amd will be put to new use as part of a modern urban-planning concept aimed at including an informal residential and trading estate.
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