Industriedenkmal-Stiftung NRW, 17.01.2019 03:12
The Sophia-Jacoba Colliery Shaft 3
The Sophia-Jacoba colliery in Hückelhoven was closed down in 1997. It is situated far away from the Ruhr area near Aachen. A pithead frame, a wash room and an administration building (rebuilt in 1936-37) are amongst the buildings that have been preserved on site 1/2/3 in Hückelhoven. The headgear above shaft number 3 which dates back to the start of the plant is also to be taken over by the Foundation. The adjoining shaft house, the engine house and the electric winding engine (1966) have not been listed as monuments but will be preserved for functional reasons. The Foundation would like to hand over the plant to be used by the Friends of the Sophia-Jacoba Colliery.
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